XXVI Historian Students Congress will take place from 17/04/2018 until 21/04/2018 in Lodz.

HSC is a cyclical meeting of students and PhD students of history, as well as related sciences,

organized annually, started 26 years ago. It will be organised in Lodz in 2018, resumed after 11-year


HSC is an event that aims to integrate the environment of history students through exchange of

experiences and research results. It is also a great opportunity to explore the city or to take part in

any accompanying events. The Congress consists of a scientific conference and many other

attractions. It is also a great opportunity to get to know students from different nations.


Additional attractions

HSC is not a standard conference, limited to presenting and discussions. It is also a way that allows

the visitors to get to know the city and the institution that organizes the congress this year – the

University itself. Each member of HSC can take part in integration events (one each day) and

workshops, an organised visit to museums or the exploration of Lodz. You will also be able to listen

to the lectures carried out by the most known historians. Everything is included in the conference




Summaries of papers (no more than 4000 characters) are to be sent before 7/1/2018 via a google

form. The text must contain the basic bibliography (source and elaborations). The proposed topic can

concern any historical issue. Representatives of different domains are also welcome, however it is

required that their topics are somehow connected to the history.


The papers can be delivered in Polish language or any approved by the Congress:

– English

– French

– German

– Russian


Technical concerns

The conference fee is 50 € (participants from Ukraine and Belarus may seek for decreasing it to 50

PLN) and it covers all events connected to the Congress, conference materials, accommodation,

alimentation and possibility to publish an article in the postcongress publication.